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Our style                                     

We seek to be Christian.  We respect the Christian tradition, while relating that to the most up-to-date personal and public concerns.  We are "ecumenical Christians," who think of ourselves as one among many faithful Christian churches.  We participate in programs of the St. Paul Area Council of Churches.  We take the Bible seriously, but not necessarily in a literal way.

We seek to be Open.  We encourage new ideas and people.  We welcome new members into the leadership of our congreation, if they choose.  We invite questioning and searching for Christian truth.  We celebrate the equality of women and men in the ministries and leadership of our church.

We seek to be Democratic.  Meetings of the congregation make the most important decisions in our church's life.  Many members serve on our Church Council and on the elected and appointed committees that have considerable freedom in helping to shape our congregation's ministries.

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God Is Still Speaking

No matter who you are or where you are on life's journey, you are welcome here.

Linkto the full story:  http://www.ucc.org/god-is-still-speaking/

Your visit to our worship service              

We hope that you will receive a warm welcome and experience God’s presence as you worship with us.  Our worship style is informal and participatory. 

Following the worship bulletin will help you take part in today’s celebration.  If you have questions, feel free to speak to an usher or one of the clergy after the service. 

We celebrate communion on the first Sunday of each month.  You need not be a member of this or any congregation to participate; we believe Jesus welcomes to the table all who seek to know him and to walk in the way of the Christ.  Please join us during fellowship time after worship so we can greet you personally.
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.We are an Open and Affirming Church                 

As the election approaches, we continue to invite members and friends of UCCNB to participate in conversations, phone banks, and witnessing opportunities to show opposition to the proposed Marriage Amendment.  As an Open and Affirming Congregation, we voted to take this stand, and there is much that we can each do individually, as well as collectively, to express the inclusive love of God that we believe in.  We’re in the home stretch with the election just a little more than a month away.  Let’s all keep talking and sharing and expressing God’s love!

.We are a Just Peace Church                 

Another issue that will be included in our election process is a proposed Photo ID amendment for voting in the future.  While most of us would have no issue or difficulty with this, requiring photo IDs will have a significant impact on the elderly, the disabled, students, and minorities. A number of states have already ratified this issue, projecting to decrease the voter turnout in at least one instance (Pennsylvania) by almost 9 percent.  This is a drastic diminishment of participation and something of great concern.  As a congregation of the Minnesota Conference, UCC, which has signed onto the Prophetic Witness effort to oppose this amendment, we are all encouraged to continue, again, to talk about this with friends and family, and to work to defeat this effort.