United Church of Christ in New Brighton
1000 Long Lake Road  *  New Brighton, MN  55112
651 633-1327                  NW corner of I-694 & Long Lake Road
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Your First Visit

When you visit our church:

Don't worry about what you're wearing.  We're more concerned about what's inside than what's outside.

Relax and be yourself - feel comfortable in our welcoming atmosphere.

Please join us in wearing a nametag.  Our Welcomers, who are in the hall near the front door, have nametags.  Look for their nametags, which say "I'm a Welcomer!".

Don't feel that you have to contribute to the offering.  This morning's service is our gift to you.

Join us for "coffee and conversation" between 9:30 and 11:00 in the Fellowship Hall, which is directly under the sanctuary.  We usually have bakery treats as well.  September thru May: Join us for Education Hour - separate activities for all ages of children, plus Adult Education time for more grown-up folks!

Bring your pre-schoolers to sit with you during the service.  Age-specific activity bags are available in the Fireside Room for children's use during worship, meetings, etc.
Or trust your children to our child care providers.  The child care room is at the end of the hall.

If you have any questions, please call us at 651 633-1327.  Or send an e-mail to uccnb@usfamily.net. 

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