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Social Justice and Outreach
Updated  May 20, 2012
  *  Local Food Shelf: Help the network that provides             
        emergency food for hungry people in Ramsey County     
  * Donate to other causes: Click here & help                         
        sponsors donate food or money to combat                     
        hunger, fund free mammograms or buy                     
        rainforest acres into a protectorate.                                                                                   
Green Tape
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Updated 12/18/04

Click on the icons below to go to the related site.  Each time you visit the site and click the Donate button, corporate sponsors donate food or money to combat hunger, fund free mammograms, or place Rainforest acres into a protectorate. At no cost to you!  And each site has links to the others.

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People are Hungry Now!  Help the Local Food Shelf!

The food shelves in Minnesota are suffering a shortage of available food right now.  They have more people to service, with many food shelves experiencing a 50% increase in the number of people served in 2002.  Nearly half the people who visit food shelves are children, 20% are elderly, 43% of the clients work, and 35% are retired or have a disability.

Please support our Local Food Shelf offerings of food or money now.  One hungry person is too many!
Thanks for your support!
Especially needed:

canned fruit and juices                         boxed potatoes
baking supplies (flour, sugar, oil)           spaghetti sauce 
canned vegetables                               hamburger helper
non-food items - toilet paper,                   and tuna helper
      shampoo, toothpaste,                   snacks and cookies
      laundry detergent, etc.
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